What Causes Climate Change?

The main causes of Climate Change are increase in population, power consumption, pollution & poverty (deforestation). It can be best explained by looking at the weather extremes in 2010.


YEAR 2010

  • The year 2010 turned out to be a year of extremes. Storms, floods, droughts, fires & heat waves. All had an impact on human health.
  • Several diverse weather events are occurring concurrently around the world, giving rise to an unprecedented loss of human life and property.
  • They include the record heat wave and wildfires in Russia, monsoon flooding in Pakistan, rain-induced landslides in China, calving of a large iceberg from Greenland’s Ice Sheet, along with drought & fires in Australia. In December 2010 there was extensive flooding in Queensland Australia and in the eastern United States days recording extreme high temperatures.
  • Climate Change and its impacts are a result of Global Warming. The increase in global warming from the years 1750 to 2007 was 0.7° C

If annual emissions continued at today’s levels, greenhouse gas levels would be close to double pre-industrial levels by the mid-century. If this concentration


were sustained, temperatures are projected to eventually rise by 2-5° C or even higher.

Estimates of future warming depend on projections of global emissions. If annual emissions were to remain at today’s levels, greenhouse gas levels would reach close to 550 ppm CO2e by 2050 this would commit the world to a warming of around 2-5° C.

The IPCC projects that without intervention greenhouse gas levels will rise to 550-700 ppm CO2e by 2050 and 650-1200 CO2e by 2100.




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