What We Do

We develop new products & services that serve mankind by protecting and sustaining the environment such as curbing/halting Green House Gas Emissions, Climate Change Monitoring & Climate Change Engineering.

Our Strategies

  • Reduce GHG emissions by avoiding Deforestation & Degradation that deliver ‘co benefits’ such as biodiversity conservation & poverty alleviation. Only when people have the means to produce sufficient food or earn a decent wage will they feel comfortable. This policy in turn leads to smaller families and a reduction in population growth.
  • Reduce GHG emissions with biosequestration – Afforestation, Reforestation
  • Reduce GHG emissions with Climate Engineering

In order to make our planet sustainable annual GHG emissions & pollution must be reduced to the level that balances the earth’s normal capacity to remove GHG emissions and pollution from the atmosphere.

This means that the CO2e emission per person (capita) per year must be reduced from current levels (see table) to 2 tons CO2e per person per year. The sooner the better.


The Team

We are a multicultural team of people from developed & developing countries with special skills. Those skills include In-House and external Management which provide background consisting of more than 30 years’ experience in sales, research and development.


In addition we have significant experience in production, engineering of goods & services related to multidisciplinary sciences of AgroForestry, Climate Change, Global Warming Climate Monitoring, Climate Engineering, Environment, Human Health, Green Banking & Social Services throughout the world.


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